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Fri, 29th Dec 2023

ZTE Corporation, internationally recognised as a leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, recently unveiled its Cybersecurity White Paper 2023: Governance, Compliance, Openness, and Transparency.

The document offers a detailed explanation of ZTE's security governance architecture and its security assurance system, emphasising effective governance methods and adherence to industry-best practices.

The importance of digital infrastructure, given its deep connection with social progress and economic growth, is a central point in the white paper. It asserts that the telecommunications network is a critical infrastructural component that is receiving extraordinary attention.

However, the rise in digitisation and connectivity also implies enhanced security risks. To counter these challenges, the company, in collaboration with industry stakeholders, is working on the development and implementation of industry standards. Talks are in progress to address vulnerability response and coordinated vulnerability disclosure, with the aim of crafting a comprehensive security assurance blueprint for manufacturers.

The white paper presents ZTE's emphasis on holistic enhancements based on product lifecycle security controls. These include adopting security-by-design and security-by-default strategies, managing third-party components (particularly open-source components), and handling incident response and vulnerability management.

Supported by ongoing development of digital systems, ZTE ensures that its security controls are effectively enforced and enhanced throughout the supply chain, in aspects ranging from research & development to delivery.

As an international supplier of comprehensive communication solutions, ZTE acknowledges its duty to abide by laws, regulations, and industry standards to maximise the security of communication network equipment.

Through offering secure and trustworthy products and services across the world, ZTE states the company is committed to ensuring safe and reliable network connections and a digital lifestyle for users globally.

Addressing the long-term nature of security, the Chinese multinational telecommunications company states that continuous improvement is essential. ZTE expresses a readiness to accept external independent security verification and asserts it is eager to engage in close communication and collaboration with operators, regulatory authorities, partners and other stakeholders.

The ultimate goal of these efforts is to consistently enhance cybersecurity management and technical practices, with the collective endeavour of creating a secure, trustworthy cyber environment, thus safeguarding the security of the digital world.

ZTE's work is fuelled by innovative technologies and product solutions, and the company proudly serves global telecom operators, government and enterprise customers, and consumers. Reaching out to more than 160 countries and regions, ZTE's services touch over a quarter of the global population, underlining its dedication to fostering a future of connectivity and trust for all.