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Swimlane boosts security operations with Canvas and Hero AI innovations
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

Swimlane, a security automation firm, has launched two new innovations, Canvas and Hero AI, enhancing its Turbine low-code security automation platform.

The firm confirms these advancements aim to bolster security teams by integrating them, their telemetry, and technology through a human-centric AI and automation-building experience. Reportedly, this combination allows security teams to create automation within seconds, offering unlimited integration potential and significantly reducing time and resource consumption.

These improvements enable Swimlane to become a central figure in security operations (SecOps), offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities to analyse and react to telemetry across security organisations, according to the company.

Security operations teams constantly face an inundation of alerts and threats, whilst struggling with a scarcity of qualified staff. Amidst these challenges, Swimlane's new features aim to reinforce security teams by connecting them with telemetry and relevant technology via a user-centric artificial intelligence and automation-building experience.

James Brear, CEO of Swimlane, voices that "there is no such thing as good enough automation when it comes to effective security operations. Our team is squarely focused on driving innovation that sets a new standard for security operations efficacy." The development of Canvas and Hero AI was influenced by this motivation, aiming to provide customers with an effective defence and significant time and money savings.

According to Cody Cornell, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Swimlane, the company's inventions are grounded in human-centered automation. He explains, "We built Turbine for the future of automation. Now, as the only independent SecOps automation company, we remain at the forefront of innovation by empowering humans to make AI-assisted decisions, maximising both effectiveness and accountability."

Unveiling the potential of low-code, Canvas shatters the buzzword myth, revealing it as a powerful tool that democratises automation for everyone. It employs modular and reusable programming components, allowing users to create playbooks using an intuitive and ultra-simple visual interface, further simplifying automation workflow design for SecOps teams.

Swimlane's Hero AI, a collection of AI-enabled innovations, enhances automation solutions for its Turbine platform. It combines human and machine intelligence, optimising SecOps workflows and maximising ROI, assisting analysts to work faster and more effectively. The Hero AI features include proprietary and private large language models (LLMs), crafted AI prompts, AI case summarisation, text-to-code chatbot, HelpDocs Chatbot, and Schema Inference.

Edward Amoroso, founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, believes that automation solutions like Swimlane Turbine provide a viable solution to relief pressure on security operations teams who face complex and severe threats, and can deliver value to a broader security organisation.