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SecurityScorecard launches managed service to boost cyber risk management
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

SecurityScorecard, a prominent force in the supply chain cyber risk management landscape, has recently declared the launch of their latest managed service, SecurityScorecard MAX.

This offering has been designed to emphasise the company's partner-first approach, significantly lowering users' overall costs and allowing them to increase their coverage of vendor monitoring, hence further reducing risk whilst elevating compliance with pivotal regulatory mandates.

This unique offering has already been winning over customers and driving record revenues due to its simplicity and outcomes-focused method. Crafting a transformative impact in the industry, SecurityScorecard MAX empowers organisations to identify, prioritise, and tackle the most severe vulnerabilities and issues within their third-party and extended Nth party supply chain ecosystem.

Matthew McKenna, Chief Sales Officer at SecurityScorecard, shared his optimism about the new product, stating, "We have already seen amazing results from MAX. Existing accounts are growing by 10x or more, and we are seeing huge demand spikes for MAX from new prospects."

"MAX takes the industry from risk identification to risk resolution in an all-in-one package. This is critically important when zero-day and emerging threats, like SolarWinds or MoveIT, are discovered. It's a race against time versus hackers, and MAX gives our customers a critical advantage."

In the eyes of Kevin Scribner, Director of Technology Risk Management at widely recognised fast-food chain McDonald’s, "SecurityScorecard MAX provides us the opportunity to bolster our third-party cybersecurity posture quickly and efficiently through proactive, real-time risk monitoring and remediation."

"MAX’s ability to identify a wide range of cybersecurity concerns across our global vendor landscape, and in turn, partner with those vendors to improve, is a significant win for both McDonald’s and our vendors. We’ve seen tremendous progress since launch and look forward to the continued momentum as we Accelerate the Arches."

In its operation, MAX is facilitated using a partner-focused franchise model that allows SecurityScorecard partners to expand their user base by leveraging the MAX engine. Customers can dramatically reduce costs and expand their vendor monitoring capacities through MAX's offerings; hence reducing risks while optimising compliance with regulatory mandates.

Jeff Laskowski, Senior Vice President of Professional Services at SecurityScorecard, expressed, "MAX brings together SecurityScorecard’s proven platform, threat telemetry and our own top-notch experts with partners who know how to deliver positive cybersecurity outcomes. It is a technology-enabled service, where we’re taking what used to be only compliance and moving to high-value cybersecurity improvement."

"As CISOs deal with a talent gap and reduced budgets along with an ever-increasing attack velocity and sophistication, the ability to rely on certified MAX partners backed by SecurityScorecard’s own experts & technology helps drive efficiency while reducing critical risk to the business."

Further, MAX's operations align with the strategic philosophy of "collective defence"; working on and resolving critical cybersecurity issues for the betterment of the entire ecosystem. In most situations, this approach involves the use of MAX experts validating and resolving issues, while providing support aimed at enabling risk resolution. This improved ecosystem-wide cybersecurity health can be constantly monitored via the MAX portal.

Upgrades have been added from all the solutions on the SecurityScorecard platform, which includes threat intelligence, attack surface intelligence, automatic vendor detection and much more. This allows not only to leverage the solutions already in place but to get rid of expensive and complex point solutions and consolidate on the SecurityScorecard platform.