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PIA launches VPN pass to bolster digital rights in high-risk areas
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

Leading VPN provider, Private Internet Access (PIA), has launched the PIA Privacy Pass to enhance the digital rights of journalists, activists, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in high-risk areas. This initiative builds upon the company's decade-long commitment to online privacy, reinforcing its mission for a safer internet. PIA recognises freedom of expression and access to information as fundamental human rights and is taking a proactive approach to protect those whose personal safety is at stake in their endeavour to provide critical information to the public.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an essential tool for ensuring digital privacy. In addition to offering digital security training and support to tackle policy issues around digital rights, PIA's Privacy Pass aims to equip journalists, non-profit organizations, and NGOs with free VPN subscriptions. VPNs effectively encrypt users' internet connections and conceal their IP addresses, making them invaluable shields against surveillance and censorship.

PIA's commitment also extends to raising digital security awareness. The company is partnering with Tech To The Rescue to support charities and NGOs through digital privacy and security training. PIA recently collaborated with Voice Amplified, a nonprofit organisation concentrating on ending violence against women and girls in conflict, crises, and disaster settings worldwide. In this collaboration, PIA ran a digital security training session to assist the team's understanding and usage of tools required to maintain their online safety.

Charlotte Scott, Digital Rights Advocate at Private Internet Access, said: "As a long-time advocate for digital rights and privacy, Private Internet Access (PIA) understands the paramount importance of safeguarding sensitive information. The PIA Privacy Pass will fortify our commitment to championing digital rights and online freedom, helping to ensure the protection of individuals' digital identities and assets. We hope that the work we do with NGOs and journalists will help to equip them with vital digital security tools and knowledge. In an interconnected world, where the welfare of individuals is often intertwined with their online presence, we hope these new partnerships will prove beneficial to those who often risk their own safety to help others or to bring vital information to the public."

The PIA Privacy Pass is designed specifically for journalists, non-profit organisations, and NGOs operating in high-risk regions. Eligible individuals and organisations can obtain a free PIA VPN subscription through the PIA Privacy Pass. The PIA Blog serves as a reliable educational resource offering valuable insights and knowledge on cybersecurity and digital privacy. It is freely accessible to everyone, providing a platform for learning and discussions on the importance of digital safety.