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Dynatrace unveils AI-powered data observability for business analytics
Mon, 5th Feb 2024

Dynatrace, a prominent name in unified observability and security, is introducing new artificial intelligence (AI)-fueled data observability capabilities to its analytics and automation platform. The new feature, dubbed Dynatrace Data Observability, will utilise data in Dynatrace to fuel the platform's Davis AI engine, effectively excluding false positives and delivering reliable business analytics and automation.

Dynatrace Data Observability is poised to enhance business analytics, data science, DevOps, SRE, security, and other teams by ensuring the quality of all data housed within the Dynatrace platform. The innovation complements the existing data cleansing and enrichment capabilities offered through Dynatrace's OneAgent, thereby securing high-quality data collection from external sources such as open-source standards and custom instrumentation.

Kulvir Gahunia, Director of the Site Reliability Office at TELUS, applauded the update. He said, "Dynatrace, with its OneAgent technology, provides us with a high level of confidence that the data powering our analytics and automation is healthy. The platform is also very flexible, which enables us to tap into custom data sources and open standards, like OpenTelemetry. New Dynatrace data observability capabilities will help ensure the data from these custom sources is also high-quality fuel for our analytics and automation."

However, organisations are still challenged with the complexity of data from modern cloud ecosystems and the increased use of open-source solutions and customised instrumentation. According to Gartner, by 2026, 30% of enterprises implementing distributed data architectures will adopt data observability techniques to improve data visibility, up from less than 5% in 2023.

Dynatrace Data Observability's efficacy is leveraged with other core Dynatrace platform technologies to offer data-driven teams substantial benefits. These include ensuring data freshness for analytics and automation, monitoring volume changes and data collection issues, tracking data structure and alerting on unexpected changes, providing precise root-cause detail into data origins, and leveraging the platform's infrastructure observability capabilities to maintain the steady flow of data from digital services.

"Data quality and reliability are vital for organisations to perform, innovate, and comply with industry regulations," declared Bernd Greifeneder, CTO at Dynatrace. "A valuable analytics solution must detect issues in the data that fuels analytics and automation as early as possible. By adding data observability capabilities to our unified and open platform, we're enabling our customers to harness the power of data from more sources for more analytics and automation possibilities while maintaining the health of their data, without any extra tools."

Expected to be generally available to all Dynatrace SaaS customers within the next 90 days, Dynatrace Data Observability continues the business's commitment to using the power of data to accelerate digital transformation.