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Check Point Software launches new SaaS security tool
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

Harmony SaaS, an innovative solution designed to provide enhanced security against SaaS-based threats, has been launched by Check Point Software. The tool is intended to revolutionise Software as a Service (SaaS) security by offering top-notch protection that seamlessly integrates into customers' existing infrastructure, and provides real-time threat prevention.

Eyal Manor, VP of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies, stated, "With the exponential rise in SaaS adoption, organisations face unprecedented challenges in maintaining robust security and regulatory compliance. Check Point Harmony SaaS represents a pivotal advancement in our mission to provide cutting-edge cyber security solutions." Manor continued, saying the tool integrates "AI-powered threat prevention and continuous attack surface reduction, empowering organisations to stay ahead of evolving threats in the SaaS landscape, ensuring robust protection for their sensitive data and critical assets."

The introduction of Harmony SaaS arrives at a time when organisations are recognising the critical role of SaaS in their IT infrastructure and the importance of protecting their SaaS ecosystems from cyber threats. Among these threats are Shadow IT, data theft, and account takeover, issues which have led to the rapid adoption of CASB and SSPM solutions. However, to ensure comprehensive SaaS security, it is necessary to be able to identify the SaaS applications being used and understand how the apps interact with each other, exactly the abilities which Harmony SaaS provides, said Christopher Rodriguez, Research Director at IDC Security & Trust.

Focusing on the current digital landscape, where SaaS is essential for businesses, it brings significant risks to both users and data, making SaaS security complex. Within these platforms, sensitive data such as personal records, payment information, and source code are vulnerable. Recent statistics indicate the severity of the situation, with approximately 81% of organisations reporting they have experienced data exposure due to SaaS applications, and 43% encountering security incidents linked to SaaS misconfigurations.

Antoine Noel, CISO at Cloudreach, attested to the efficacy of Harmony SaaS. He said, "Check Point Harmony SaaS is a central tool that helped and continues to help us discover, investigate and remediate our SaaS usage. Instead of taking a blanket ban approach, it gives us more flexibility and in-depth visibility to make better-informed decisions so we can continue to reduce the likelihood of shadow SaaS and associated risk. The setup is cloud native and very straightforward."

Key features of Harmony SaaS include Automatic Threat Prevention, Continuous Attack Surface Reduction, and Best Time-to-Value. It offers actionable insights that enable organisations to easily discover interconnections between SaaS services, understand each service's risk score, and mitigate security gaps. It deploys quickly with a 100% cloud solution, requiring no additional hardware or expertise, and within minutes, users can access effective tools to manage SaaS security.

Check Point Harmony SaaS is now available globally through their network of partners.