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2024 set to bring uncertainty when it comes to cybersecurity
Wed, 6th Dec 2023

Next year is set to bring a wave of uncertainty when it comes to cybersecurity, according to new predictions from Darren Humphries, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Acora.

Humphries’ mastery lies in pivotal areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing. His expertise extends beyond the mere fundamentals, demonstrating an in-depth comprehension of how these emerging technologies shape the cybersecurity landscape. His insights not only shed light on AI's central role in future threats but also unfold the potential risks associated with AI-driven malware and enhanced social engineering.

Already a recognised figure in Fortune 10 and 100 companies, Humphries' contemporary involvement in cybersecurity discussions further reinforces his authority in the field. Equally versed in technical aspects and organisational culture alignment, Humphries exemplifies an adaptable leadership style that prioritises results and process refinement.

Sharing his predictions for 2024, Humphries warns of the increasing significance of AI in the threat landscape. He reveals how attackers could exploit AI to train malware to evade defence security controls and refine social engineering phishing attacks. Additional complications arise with tools like ChatGPT used for adding machine-generated anonymity or intentionally misleading attack attribution, further complicating cyber insurance aspects.

Humphries says the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) poses another challenge, and he suggests businesses and oeprators undertake careful risk management to keep up with the surging pace of continuous data adoption.

"Automation of business process (RPA) is a continued growth area for business to optimise," he says.

"As with the adoption of innovative technologies they introduce technical depth and cyber requirements such as using, sharing, processing more data, faster. Automation will need to be carefully risk managed and have the right pace of continuous adoption applied."

Supply chain risk is also high on the cyber agenda. There is an increase in cyber incidents driving more mature regulations and compliance as seen by U.S SEC or the EU DORA regulations. One stat shows a supply chain incident increase +608% for this year. '

Furthermore, with a rise of +608% in supply chain incidents leading to more thorough regulations and compliance, Humphries stresses the importance of scoring and collecting evidence to demonstrate good cyber practices instead of simply relying on trust.

"Attackers will continue to attack the weak link. As organisations spend on their own cyber strategy and controls, an immature approach to supply chains, which are outside of peoples control, will lead to an increased reliance on ways to score and collect evidence to show good cyber practices rather than simply rely on trust," says Humphries.

The intersection of cybersecurity with emerging technologies is a focal point. Darren's contributions to discussions highlight his forward-thinking approach. These technologies present both opportunities and challenges, and Darren's involvement suggests an active awareness of their impact on cybersecurity strategies.

Humphries’ participation in think tanks addressing the intersection of cybersecurity with other emerging technologies helps shape future strategies. His holistic approach demonstrates an understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls presented by these technologies and their subsequent influence on cybersecurity strategies.

In the sophisticated cybersecurity landscape of 2024, Darren Humphries stands out as a leader undertaking active roles in both understanding current challenges and shaping future trajectories. His mastery, adaptability, and pioneering approach designate him as a critical figure in an environment where staying ahead of the curve is vital.