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Alexey Vovk stories

Alexey Vovk is an insightful writer with a keen interest in the complexities of cybersecurity. Delving into the often-overlooked human aspect of digital security, Vovk draws attention to the significant role that personnel play in maintaining—or compromising—cybersecurity within organizations. Reflecting on recent trends in the Asia-Pacific region, Vovk's work underscores how deliberate breaches of security policy by employees are as much a threat as external cyber-attacks, serving as the root cause of a third of the cyber incidents reported by APAC businesses in recent years.

Focusing on the critical importance of clear communication, Vovk highlights how misunderstandings between staff and IT departments can have far-reaching consequences for an organization's digital safety. He presents data from Kaspersky that reveals a striking figure: over two-thirds of organizations have experienced cybersecurity incidents that can be traced back to miscommunication issues. Through his columns, Vovk emphasizes the need for better dialogue and clarity in IT security procedures to prevent such vulnerabilities and protect businesses from potential cyber threats.