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AttackIQ launches Ready! 2.0 for advanced cyber defence testing
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Independent provider of breach and attack simulation (BAS) solutions, AttackIQ, has announced the launch of AttackIQ Ready! 2.0. This managed breach and attack simulation-as-a-service marries entirely automated and on-demand adversary emulation testing, accelerating organisations' ability to verify their cyber defenses.

Continuous security control validation is vital to maintain an agile defense stance. However, many businesses find consistent testing challenging because of budget and staffing obstacles. AttackIQ Ready! 2.0 is designed to support such organisations, helping them establish a robust, threat-informed defense, regardless of their size or staffing capabilities.

Carl Wright, Chief Commercial Officer at AttackIQ, dismissed the concept that continuous security control validation is a luxury beyond the reach of many. He stated: “At AttackIQ, we reject the idea that proactive continuous security validation of an organisation's cyber defences is too expensive.” Rather, he argues, “every organisation, regardless of size or expertise, can achieve a robust, threat-informed defence”.

What’s more, these beliefs underpin the creation and design of AttackIQ Ready! 2.0, which offers an accessible platform for organisations of all sizes, allowing them to proactively identify any weaknesses in their cyber defenses.

AttackIQ Ready! 2.0 offers a multitude of new features. One such feature is its integration with Flex, extending testing reach through a simplified user experience, which in turn enables security teams to readily expand insights into their security posture and controls effectiveness. Following its initial launch of a BAS as-a-service in March 2023, AttackIQ has added these updates to build on this momentum, save time, and extend visibility.

Key features of this powerful tool include seamless integration with Flex, testing on-demand, added customisation, detection validation, comprehensive reporting, an extended test library, and benchmarking. Through these enhancements, organisations can more accurately test their defences against up-to-date threats; this includes CISA alerts and comparing their score to others through the same security validation tests, thereby enabling more data-driven decisions.

Lewis Honour, Director of Offensive Cyber Security at WTW, echoed this sentiment, stating “Thriving in today’s uncertain world hinges on an organisation's ability to manage risk,” adding that “data-driven decisions are fundamental to crafting a robust cybersecurity strategy. AttackIQ empowers organisations with the critical intelligence needed to anticipate and prepare for real-world cyberattacks.”

AttackIQ built the industrys first Breach and Attack Simulation Platform for continuous security control validation and improving security program effectiveness and efficiency. The company states it is committed to supporting its MSSP partners with a flexible Preactive Partner Program that provides turn-key solutions, empowering them to elevate client security.